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Comparison of uses, functions and flows

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We report a comparison analysis between this emergency period and the typical conditions of urban traffic in the morning rush hours in Rome, Milan and Naples.

These days we are observing quite unusual images and videos of our country and many cities around the world. Squares, streets, public transport and places in our cities are deserted, unlived. Everything is stopped in the spaces and places that represent the frenetic and energetic contemporary life.

San Marco square in Venice

For a long time we have been used to social networks, smart-working, video conferences, but never as in this period have we been testing what social distance really means. This period is seriously testing the sense of being a city and making a city.

The streets, shared mobility, shared public spaces, but also buildings, courtyards: everything has been planned and developed over time for a condition of being together, of density, of sociability, of urban life.

Over the past few days, more than a billion people around the world have an obligation to stay at home. In Italy for more than two weeks there has been a total block of commercial activities. From now, non-strategic production activities will remain closed throughout the country.

All this is making us analyze and study the uses, functions and flows of our cities in a totally different condition. In this period we are having the opportunity to understand the sense of contemporary urban life in an unusual way and to be able to use this information to think, dream and plan livable cities.

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