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Phase 2: a great opportunity for mobility in Italian cities

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The bicycle is the means for phase 2. In a moment of mad mania of grandeur of the Italian political class, strategic proposals finally arrive from the three main Italian cities. Rome, Milan, Naples together offer emergency mobility; the Emilia-Romagna Region allocates one million euros for temporary cycle paths, smaller cities commit themselves in various ways to urban mobility during phase 2.

The bicycle ensures social distancing and ensures freedom of movement efficiently.

In the coming months, public transport will be restricted and many citizens who were used to taking the subway, buses, trams, will soon be forced to use private vehicles.

Our urban centers, especially the historical centers are beautiful but have no space! Italian cities could run the risk of literally "drowning" in traffic. The entire production and logistics chain could suffer further delays due to the total block of cities under the grip of traffic. It is not an ideological-environmental problem; it is an economic-political problem. We hope for serious, strategic choices for the near future…. For tomorrow! Obviously, many doubts arise from everyone. In Italy, we are not used to seeing bicycle as a mean of transport. We imagine Amsterdam and then, we see our cities not suitable for cycling.

There are climbs, it is too hot, the cars run, the streets have potholes, it is too far, and then again "I sweat, I get dirty and smell" ... Just think about 1970: a random street in Amsterdam was very similar to a street of an Italian city today. The oil crisis and the deaths of many children on the Dutch streets led to a general "Stop de Kindermoord" revolt. The Dutch ruling class decided to change the image of the cities. In a short time, with little money and strong choices, Amsterdam has been transformed into the "paradise" that we all know.

Today, cycling in the Netherlands is an economy. There are cars in Holland, every Dutchman has at least one car, but it is used rationally and intelligently.

In conclusion, in Italy an emergency like the current one can be transformed from a problem to a new opportunity.

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