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Accessibility and Mobility

Our European network is a virtuous example for integrated urban planning and mobility strategies. Mobility within the territories and local and territorial accessibility are relevant for economic and social development. Movements within urban areas can cause congestion, pollution or energy consumption. Good integration for mobility adds attractiveness to a territory. We propose integrated territorial development strategies, with strategic plans, analyzes and programs to best meet the development needs of the territories.

Directive 2014/94 / EU, in order to guarantee energy security with a more efficient use of energy and resources, calls for reducing dependence on petroleum in the transport sector. The EU has introduced sustainable urban mobility plans – SUMP. This plan must be defined on the basis of integration, participation and evaluation principles. “CittàSottoScacco” with the interdisciplinary and European group of city, transport and mobility experts can offer the best for the future of the mobility of our cities.

In Italy, the bicycle is considered as a sports vehicle: the change is only on its beginning. Our aim is to raise awareness among citizens and municipalities about the importance of bicycles as a sustainable, economic and fast means of transport. By law, there is a medium-term “bikeplan” program to identify cycle routes and to promote the use of the bike, with objectives, strategies, actions and forms of monitoring. We bring great innovation with Dutch experience in cycle mobility.

Città Sotto Scacco is available to institutions for the development of design proposals for car parks, cycle paths, thirty areas, traffic calming solutions, livable urban spaces. Surveys and analysis of pedestrian flows, planning and design of pedestrian spaces; investigations, campaigns and communication-participation projects to quantify transport demand.

The Mobility Manager is a figure established by the DM 03/27/98 and strengthened by the Legislative Decree 19/05/2020 n. 34. This figure implements the mobility plan for employees of a company (public or private) and takes care of improving the general accessibility / integration of the company in the urban and territorial context. Città Sotto Scacco consultants take care of the whole planning process, with our services; the company (public or private) will make mobility more sustainable.