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Urban planning, Urban policies and SIT

CittàSottoScacco deals with strategies and policies for urban and territorial development. With our network of experts in this sector, we search and formulate the most appropriate alternatives in a strategic perspective to improve the quality of life in our territories. With the best territorial and geographic data analysis software, “CittàSottoScacco” offers photographs of the the state of the art to direct and guide politicians, administrators, companies and stakeholders on strategic development addresses.

The Public Administrations and private realities share various factors. One among these is the need to promote initiatives, projects, products, services; at the same time it is necessary to know the dynamics of the territory, the location of the utilities, the presence of possible competitors, stakeholders and collaborators. Through the use of technological tools, such as those based on GIS, it is possible to monitor these factors. “Città Sotto Scacco” combines public and private realities for territorial analysis and for market research.

The improvement of quality of life in urban areas presupposes changes in urban uses, functions and morphology. It is necessary to build a co-creative participation where public actors participate in local, virtual and multi-scale laboratories to temporarily regenerate spaces to build processes of change in the medium-long term. “CittàSottoScacco” offers construction processes of urban networks for the development of temporary projects of small changes of streets, squares and parking lots.

Ineffective involvement of citizens in planning processes inevitably leads to unpleasant situations, especially for public administrations that undertake themselves to the realization of public works or services considered under-used or useless. “Città Sotto Scacco” is a specialist in participation and communication projects, to raise the awareness of those who are directly involved on issues related to projects for the territory and mobility, highlighting their real potential to obtain much support as possible.